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3 in 1 Mascara Shield Guard

3 in 1 Mascara Shield Guard

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This 3 in 1 Mascara Shield Guard is a smart makeup tool that protects freshly applied mascara, eyeline or other makeups around the eye area. It allows you to do your daily beauty routine without the mess and you can have perfect makeup quickly and effortlessly

It contains eyelash brush, eyeliner and mascara protector shield in this tiny tool. With the small size, it is portable to carry. Let's get this flawless beauty tool now!


  • Perfect Protection: This multi-purpose tool protects your upper and lower eyelids from mascara smudges and also prevents mascara clumps on your eyelashes.

  • Eyeline Shield: It helps you to have precise and flawless eyeline when drawing with free hand. It will reduce the time you spend each morning getting ready for your day.
  • Convenient Lashes Brush: There is a little brush at the end of the tool for tidying your eyelash with ease.


  • Small & Portable: The shield tool is tiny and portable to carry. It is great to put into a small cosmetic case for daily use.


    • Place the Mascara Shield behind the upper lashes, lining up the edge along the roots of the lashes.

    • Pull up slightly while pressing VERY GENTLY against the eyelid. Apply mascara. Wipe the Mascara Shield clean between applications.

    • For the bottom lashes, place the Mascara Shield under the lashes and apply mascara. Wipe the Mascara Shield between applications.


    • Color: random 
    • Material: Plastic 
    • Size: 5"L x 1.5" 


    • 1 x Mascara Shield Guard 

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