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Astronomical Love Ring

Astronomical Love Ring

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I gave my entire universe to you." 
Astronomical Love Ring might appear only once in a human lifetime. It remains today an iconic symbol of unforgettable love that transgresses convention. The ideal astronomical sphere, zodiac symbols and undeniable elegance establish the piece as a timeless tribute to passionate romance.
Our peerlessly beautiful love rings evoke the precious moment of two people beginning a lifetime together. Each zodiac symbol is well-crafted engraved for exceptional sparkle in wondrous titanium gold and silver, encapsulating the promise of a lifetime together inside the sphere.


  • Unique Design
    Unfold as an astronomical sphere; fold as an exquisite ring.

  • Romantic inscriptions and zodiac symbols.

  • Gold-tone finish
  • Well-crafted decorative engraving

  • Material: Genuine Titanium
  • Color: Gold, Silver


  • 1 x Astronomical Love Ring


  1. Cut a thin strip of paper or thread long enough to wrap around the chosen finger.
  2. Wrap the paper around your finger, just above the knuckle, and mark the point the two ends meet.
  3. Measure the paper using a ruler. 
  4. Use measurement on the Ring Sizing Chart to locate your size.

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