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Cloud Slippers Orthopedic Sandals

Cloud Slippers Orthopedic Sandals

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Get ready to hear non stop compliments from friends as you feet comfortably sink into these new Super Soft Slippers! Choose from 4 Colors to find your new, comfortable slippers that perfectly match your personality and style.  


  • Ergonomic Fit With A Thick Sole - This is the perfect Slipper for anyone with feet problems or who loves having on comfortable shoes. The thickness of the sole provides extra support and comfort for your feet all in one!

  • EVA Material - Feel an incredible softness while reducing the pressure of walking throguhout the day.
  • Soft But Resilient Design - You'll feel like you're walking on clouds in these slippers while enjoying the strength and support of sneakers and traditional shoes
  • Strong Grip & Traction - The concave-convex texture on the sole, non-slip and wear-resistant, to protect you and your family in all conditions while still being soft and durable enough to walk on the carpet
  • Squeak Free - This is the best part....the sole is solid, so there is no sound when walking or annoying squeaks when on wet surfaces
  • Weightless Feel - The whole shoe is light and weighs less than the weight of a mobile phone, is 4.5cm thick sole, has a heightening effect and is more comfortable than any shoe you've ever worn

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