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Cryopush Neck Cooling Tube

Cryopush Neck Cooling Tube

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Get ready for the summer heat with a neck cooling tube to keep you cool.



  • New technology an innovative material that keeps you cool. This PCM gel freezes faster and lasts longer than water! 
  • No battery needed! No charger needed! Freezing starts ANYWHERE below 18°C (64°F). Simply place this neck cooling tube into iced water. 
  • Enjoy cool time for 40 minutes up to 2 hours. Cold holding time varies depending on the external environment.
  • No risks of skin necrosis or frostbite through cooling by maintaining an optimal cooling temperature.
  • Reusable, the neck ring shell is made of a very durable TPU material that can be refrozen each time it is thawed for repeated use, keeping you safe while staying cool!
  • Suitable for all people. The design of the neck ring allows it to be worn comfortably on a wide range of body types with just enough weight to keep it snug around your neck without putting any pressure on your spine or falling off as you move.

Skin-Friendly TPU Material, Cool Liquid PCM

For your safety and safety of use.


No Need To Recharge, Enjoy At All Times

Freezing can be started anywhere below 18°C (64°F).

Lightweight And Portable, Free Your Hands

Its weight doesn't put any pressure on your spine.

Reusable, Fast Cooling And Long Enjoyment Time

It takes only 10 minutes to cool in ice water and 20 minutes to cool in the fridge or air-conditioned air, and can be used for up to 2 hours and reused every summer.


Others: refrigerated trucks, cooler boxes, and air-conditioned rooms. it freezes naturally in environments where the temperature is below its melting point.


Get Cryopush Neck Cooling Tube Today! Perfect For Both Men & Women!

Specification & Size Guide:

Material: TPU material, PCM filling
Size: S, M, L.

1.If the tube is damaged or content leaks, stop using.
2.Never put it in your mouth. it may be life-threatening if the content is swallowed and enters the airway, go to the hospital immediately if swallowed.
3.Flush the eye for several minutes and go for a doctor Check if the content contacted the eye.
4.To avoid the danger of accidental drinking, store it away from infants, children, or pets’ reach.
5.Stay away from fire or heat sources.Do not microwave.Do not leave it in a freezer for a long time.Use only for the original purpose.
6.Do not use it for children under 3 years old.
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