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Multifunctional Intelligent Heating Pad To Eliminate Fatigue Winter Warmth

Multifunctional Intelligent Heating Pad To Eliminate Fatigue Winter Warmth

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Are you still afraid of the cold winter weather? Are you still worried about not being able to do outdoor activities because of the weather?
The current favourite heated blanket from Usefulpops will help you with all these problems, and you can get it at a 50% discount while it's on offer!

6 Heat Settings
Customize your comfort with your choice of 6 heat settings and you can select to let the pad to run or use the timer to tailor your heat setting for up to 2 hours. The unique meter shows you the readiness of your pad as it heats up.
Heat Therapy for Stiff Muscles
After a long, stressful day, it is natural to experience stiffness in the neck and shoulders. If left untreated, this tightness can lead to a build-up of tension, muscle pain and headaches. This heating blanket increases blood flow and relaxes tense, aching muscles. soothing heat in 30 seconds helps to fully provide you with soothing heat for fast heating and quick relief!

Soft fabric, can be suitable for the elderly/children
Made of super soft crystal velvet, soft and skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable to touch, not easy to cause skin allergy.
Easy to Clean, Easy to Carry
Equipped with a waterproof junction box, our product supports both water and machine washing. Whether you are at home, or outdoor activities, you can carry and use it with you.
  • ON/OFF Push Switch;
  • IC controller box with LED indication;
  • 6 temperature levels to adjust(40℃/104℉ to 60℃/140℉);
  • 4 timer levels to adjust(30/60/90/120min.);
  • Single circuit provides consistent temperature;
  • Fuse inside of controller;
  • Hand and Machine Washable.



Material: super soft crystal velvet
color: grey
Power: 75W
Heating wire length: 136cm+57cm
Actual product size: A:30*60cm;B:40*75cm;
Packing size: 30*9*9cm

Plug Specifications:

European Regulation (220-240V), US Regulation (100-120V) UK Regulation: (220-240V)

Packing List:

1* 30*59cm heating pad
1*Temperature control power line
1* User Manual

Please note:
Children should be used under the supervision of a guardian in accordance with the instructions.


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