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Handmade Bento Mould DIY Rice Ball Mold

Handmade Bento Mould DIY Rice Ball Mold

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If you’re into Italian dishes and would love to make the perfect Arancini, thisArancini Maker Mold is your answer! Whether you’re making meat or rice balls at home or commercially, this kitchen tool canspeed up your food preparationtimeand let youcookprofessionally!

The Arancini Maker Mold is made withhigh-quality and non-toxic plasticwhich isdurable and reusable. It’s also designed withround /  pointed shape that gives you the best outcomewhen preparing meat or rice balls.

Main Features

  • Easy rice ball mold- Allow users to easily produce perfect shaped meat and rice balls from 80 grams to 160 grams.

  • Two shape types for variety- Explore your creativity with this round and pointed shapes mold. Perfect for Arancini, Onigiri or Japanese rice balls.

  • Easy to clean- Simply wash it with water and dry it, and reuse it unlimitedly.

  • Safe materials- Made from top quality plastic that’s safe and certified for food use which guarantees not containing any harmful substances.

  • Speed You Up- Simple and effortless tool that save your food preparation time.

  • Small and light- Its compact design makes it easy to carry around and store.


Using Methods



  • High quality PP



Packing Size

  • 21CM × 15CM × 15CM

Packing Weight

  • Packing weight: 173G

Package Contents

  • 1 x Rice ball mold

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