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Winter Thermostat Warming Intelligent Electric Blanket

Winter Thermostat Warming Intelligent Electric Blanket

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If you can't stand being cold on the couch or in bed because your local heating supply is inadequate, in the best electric blankets are a must-have for your home.

These cozy blankets can provide extra warmth on the couch or in the bedroom, and colleagues can help you save extra money and keep you cozy and warm even on the coldest winter days.


Intelligent Control, Save Electricity: with memory function, 9 levels of constant temperature, intelligent 2-12 hours random timing appointment. When we sleep or go out and forget to turn off, can automatically for you to power off, according to our survey shows 180W a night only need 0.5 degrees of electricity, while greatly saving power for us, and can facilitate the operation of the elderly.

Dual temperature and dual control: everyone needs a different temperature, dual temperature and dual control provides us with two controllers, allowing you and your partner to independently control your heat settings and enjoy the most comfortable night, while also helping us to improve the quality of sleep.


Safety Guarantee: This electric blanket is made of flameproof material, no leakage in case of water, when we accidentally spill water on the electric blanket, we just need to dry the water and use it as well.

Product specification

Size: 150x80cm,150x120cm,200x180cm(200x180cm for dual control switch, left and right can control different temperature)
Material: plush material
Color: colorful stripes
Product features. Safe, comfortable, soft
Switch type. Thermal control type
Product voltage: 220v (50HZ-60HZ) or 110v
Plug type. US plug or free EU plug


Warm Tips:
1.Use only for blankets under bedding.
2. Cannot be washed in water or dry cleaned.
3.Please do not insert the needle into the blanket.
4.Not to be used when it is wet
5.Please do not put heavy objects on the blanket when it is folded.
6.Please do not connect the power when it is folded.
7.Please don't let the elderly or infants who can't take care of themselves use it.
8.Please preheat your thick blanket on the electric blanket for about 20 minutes before going to bed, otherwise the temperature rise is not obvious.

How to use the product:

Instruction Manual (DE)

Instruction Manual (EN)


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